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03 Accidental Apprenticeships

Art of Work Conversations Podcast Episode 03

In this conversation, Jeff discusses why you need a team of mentors in order to pursue your calling and why finding them is easier than you think.

Show highlights

In this episode, Andy Traub and I discuss:

  • Why you cannot fulfill your calling without the help of others.
  • What mentors and apprenticeships look like today.
  • The worst and best ways to find a mentor.
  • Where and how you can find mentors.
  • Why you’re not alone in pursuing your dreams.
  • How finding your calling is like slipping on an old pair of shoes.
  • How many mentors you should pursue and will have over the course of your life.

Quotes and takeaways

  • You cannot find your calling on your own. It’s a process that involves a team of mentors.
  • The best way to find a mentor is to find the one who is already in your life.
  • Success always happens in the context of community.
  • We’re people, we’re wired for relationships, and we all need help from others.


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