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How to Design Your Apprenticeship

Before you discover your dream, you will need to become an apprentice. But how do do this today? The idea of an accidental apprenticeship is that all of life is preparing you for what you’re meant to do. But you have to be intentional to use all these “accidents” to help you grow.

So here’s what you need to do: Design your own apprenticeship. Don’t go in search of a mentor; instead, identify the mentors that are already around you.

Who could you ask to meet for coffee or lunch? Make a list of these people and reach out to them. Prepare ahead of time, ask questions, and take notes. Afterward, follow up with a thankyou note, sharing specifically what you learned and how you’d like to do it again. Start meeting regularly with those who reciprocate and let the relationship progress organically.

Listen to the audio clip below to learn more about mentoring and apprenticeships: