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How to Start Living a Legacy Today

Your calling is not really yours. Your life’s work doesn’t belong just to you. It’s something you must share with others. Otherwise, you will end your life, realizing all you did was chase your own dreams and have no one to experience them with. And ultimately, you will have wasted your life.

“A life is not significant except for its impact on others,” Jackie Robinson once said. So let’s stop waiting to make an impact and start living a life of legacy today.

You can begin by making a list of people you could ask to become a part of your team. These can be people you hire for your business or organization, or it can be more informal like a monthly conference call or regular e-mail update, sharing how you’re moving toward your calling.

Also, identify as many as three people you want to person- ally invest in. Don’t think of this as a formal mentorship; just start showing up in a few people’s lives in hopes of helping them grow.

Listen to the audio clip below to learn more about legacy: